Geoff's Christmas Lights

A gift to all

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This years display is only one house. Because of the weather and work I could only get one house done. I hope you all will still stop by and enjoy what I could get done. thanks

Please sign the new guest book.
I would love to know what you think.

Hours of Display. Sun - Thurs. 5 to 10p.m. Fri - Sat. 5 to 12p.m.

Once again this year I will be collecting
Canned goods and donations for Backstoppers.

Its been a hard year for lots of people, our friends and our neighbors so please lets help them.

If you wish to still make a donation to Backstoppers you can do so at there website.

Thank you to everyone that has donated to this years collection efforts.

Can Collection Totals for 2013:   0 

BackStopper Donations

Collection totals for 2013   $00.00

Rules for viewing

  • Tune your Radio to 89.5 fm
  • Do not block or park in neighbors driveways
  • Do not play your radio too loud.
  • Do not step over the Christmas light border.
  • Do not Park facing the wrong way on the street (police will ticket).
  • Please dim your head lights
  • Have fun and enjoy
  • Tell your friends and co workers.

If you come to see the show, PLEASE do not block my neighbors driveways. Also, please feel free to give me your thoughts on the lights. Thank you.

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